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To be the best electric utility in the Tennessee Valley area regarding rates, customer service, reliability and community involvement.


The Fort Payne Improvement Authority is committed to providing its customers with a safe and reliable power source at the lowest practical cost. We will provide our customers with the quality of service they expect and deserve by operating our business efficiently and professionally. We value our customers and are committed to providing them with excellent customer service.
At Fort Payne Improvement Authority, we also value our employees and are committed to providing them with a safe and rewarding work environment. We will strive to employ the best work force available through training and continuous improvement of technology. We will promote an environment of employee involvement that inspires creativity, responsibility, respect and teamwork. Safety will always be in the forefront of our minds — never compromising safety to accomplish a task.

As part of the community, we will be responsible citizens helping our community to be a better place to live and work. We will continue to support economic development in our area. We are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our resources and the protection of the environment.

Serves approximately 8,400 Customers

The Improvement Authority of the City of Fort Payne, Alabama is a municipal public corporation created in 1940. The three-member Board of Directors was appointed by the City Council of Fort Payne and followed the Improvement Authority laws of the State of Alabama. The original three-member Board of Directors agreed to purchase the electric plant from the City of Fort Payne for the sum of one hundred fifty thousand dollars and began operating the electric power system.
Since the early 1940s, the Fort Payne Improvement Authority has expanded its service limits to the foot of Sand Mountain on the west, Collbran Gap Road on Highway 11 South, near Hammondville city limits on Highway 11 North, Desoto State Park on Lookout Mountain, Little River Canyon on Highway 35 East, and Dogtown on the southeast portion of Lookout Mountain. Within this service area, the Improvement Authority serves approximately 8,400 customers.

Today, the Improvement Authority has a five-member Board of Trustees which meets the second Tuesday of each month. It purchases all its electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority. As part of the nation’s public power system, it provides some of the lowest-cost electricity in the United States. Its retail power rates are approved by the Tennessee Valley Authority and these rates are reviewed on an annual basis. Employees of the Authority monitor power quality and strive to provide the highest levels of reliability to each customer. Power systems improvements are scheduled on an annual basis to ensure dependable electricity for our customers.

The Board and management of the Fort Payne Improvement Authority welcome your comments on our company, its employees and our service.


Brad Scott-  President

Wallace Smith-  Vice President

Kenneth Larson-  Secretary

John T. Davis-  Board Member

Tim Shugart-  Board Member


  • Excellent public accountability and respectability
  • The highest quality of service for all customers
  • A courteous, professional and efficient workforce
  • A superior work environment for our employees
  • Fair and consistent application of rates and policies
  • Excellent customer record keeping and customer billing
  • Rates and charges that are as low as is practical